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A22 Tolls – The (never)ending story

As last attempts to repel the introduction of a toll collect system have failed this February 2011, the toll collect for the A22 highway from Stº António Vila Real do to Lagos will hapen definetly. Thus, 15 April 2011 a further part of the Portuguese motorway toll road even if the works are not completed for the erection of the cashless toll bridges.

As on other roads in Portugal, which may now be paid on the A22 from Stº António Vila Real do to Lagos only electronically. That means, there will be no further toll station anymore to pay the driven miles locally and in cash. There are two alternatives to pay the driven miles; in advance to a special account or by automatic debit post driven.

Payment of mileage can take place in 2 different ways:

Using an "On Board Unit" (OBU) which is carried in the vehicle

To use the route(s), the vessel must be equipped with an On Board Unit (OBU) to be.  The box can be purchased or rented at post offices or at motorway service. The account of the toll can be carried out following manner:

Electronic license plate device (Dispositivo electrónico de matrícula - DEM): the device is linked to the vehicle's license plate and cannot be transmitted to other cars.
Obtaining: at the highway service areas or other locations like the post offices and the Via Verde Portugal-shops.
Costs: €27 to purchase + preloading a minimum €10 for light vehicles and €20 for heavy vehicles.

Temporary device (Dispositivo temporário - DT): probably the best solution for a short stay, and as a result for vehicles with a foreign license plate; the license plate is not linked to the device, therefore, anonymity is guaranteed.
Obtaining: it is necessary to establish a lease contract with the responsible entities, at the highway service areas or other locations like the post offices and the Via Verde Portugal-shops.
Costs: deposit of €27 (that will be given back to the driver when the device is returned in good condition at the location it was rented from) + preloading a minimum of €10 for light vehicles and €20 for heavy vehicles.

Devices from a toll entity (Dispositivo de uma entidade de cobrança de Portagens - DECP) like Via Verde are also accepted on these highways. Although the license plate is not linked to the device, it is necessary to establish a contract with a toll entity. This can be used by vehicles with a foreign license plate that stay in Portugal for a longer period of time.
Obtaining: Via Verde-shops (www.viaverde.pt)
Costs: €27 + direct debit from bank account every time the device is used.

Without On Board Unit (OBU)

Prepaid credit (only available for vehicles with a foreign license plate)
If the period you are staying in Portugal does not justify the option of the Temporary device, one can opt for charging based on the registration of an image of the license plate in everyone of the electronic toll booths.
Before passing the highways on which the charging is exclusively electronic and through the CTT website, drivers (after being registered on this site and being provided with login and password) can choose one of the following modalities:
- Make a prepayment valid for five weekdays, whatever the journeys made on roads covered by this system.
- Make a prepayment for predefined journeys on specific days.
The payment is made through a valid credit card. The amount charged depends on the option chosen.

Payment after having circulated at the roads concerned (only available for vehicles with a Portuguese license plate)
If a vehicle does not have an electronic device when circulating at the highways concerned, a photo of the license plate will be made and saved until the payment is made.
Term for payment: the payment can be made at the second day after having circulated at the roads mentioned above and for a period of five weekdays, at the post office or at one of the shops signalized as “Payshop”.
Costs: normal toll costs + administrative costs (an amount €0,25 for every time the roads were used with a maximum of €2 for each payment made)
Note: when a payment term has passed, the driver is in violation of the rules, and fines will be added to the administrative costs.

For further information also visit:

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