Wednesday, August 05, 2015
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Frank Goosen German Cabaret in Lagoa

As written earlier on, the evening held with Frank Goosen, the award-winning German comedian and was a wonderful event. The fully crowded Auditório Municipal de Lagoa was the venue last Saturday, 13. September 2014. Following some impressions of the event.

 Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen  Frank Goosen in Lagoa 2014 :: Frank Goosen

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35th Fatacil Fair 2014 – Lagoa, 15-24 August

Fatacil 2014The 35th edition of the Handicraft, Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Industry Fair (FATACIL) will be held in Lagoa from 15th to 24th August 2014 with “massive“ changes to ensure the future survival of one of the best known Algarve event.

To reflect economic difficulties Fatasul (the organizer of the Fair) and the Municipality of Lagoa, lowered the ticket price to 3,50€. Included in the admission price are live concerts every evening on the large outdoor stage.

Fatacil 2014 Opening Hours
Weekends / Holidays: 04.00pm - 01.00am
Remaining Days: 06.00pm - 01.00am

FATACIL 2014 Concerts

  • Friday - 15th August - António Zambujo
  • Saturday - 16th August - UHF
  • Sunday - 17th August - Richie Campbell
  • Monday - 18th August - Bon Giovi (Bon Jovi Tribute Band)
  • Tuesday - 19th August – Deolinda
  • Wednesday - 20th Agust - Lucky Duckies
  • Thursday - 21st August - Quim Barreiros
  • Friday - 22nd August - Ana Moura
  • Saturday - 23rd August - Pedro Abrunhosa
  • Sunday - 24 August - Xutos & Pontapés

More information can be found on the Fatacil Website.
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Meravista Reports Positive Trend in Algarve Property Market

Following you will find the most current market survey from Meravista regarding the recovering Algarvian Property market in 2014.

Meravista’s latest property market survey reveals that the banks’ valuations of homes across Portugal’s Algarve have risen by 11% in the last three months, with housing prices following the trend and increasing by 13%.

When Meravista last reported on property valuations for the Algarve in February this year, the provincial average was 1371 €/ m², only 5% higher thanStatistics Portugal’s (INE) bankvaluation of 1298 €/ m². As of May 2014, it looks like prices have risen. The Meravista average now stands at 1550 €/ m² and the INE’s is 1442 €/ m² demonstrating a gain in housing prices of 13% and 11% respectively. Going forward, Meravista plans to monitor this positive movement by broadcasting monthly property numbers and valuations reports for the Algarve region.

This first report analyses property located within the Algarve as a whole and in each of the 16 Concelhos (counties) of the region. Meravista’s research shows that the average value of property across the Algarve is €309,000 and the average price per m² is €1,550.

In calculating the number of properties in each price bracket, Meravista noted that a fifth of all homes in its database are being marketed for under €100,000, and just over 60% are priced between €100,000 and €500,000. Just 13% of properties fall within the €500,000 plus price range.

Property type numbers and valuations entire Algarve 2014

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German Cabaret Ensemble Kom(m)ödchen in Lagoa

Following you will find some impression from the German Cabaret Ensemble Kom(m)ödchen from Düsseldorf „Freaks. Eine Abrechnung“ last Saturday in Lagoa organized by the German Embassy Lisbon.

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