Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Algarve-BusinessPage.info?
Algarve-BusinessPage.info is an online business directory, listing companies and businesses based in or related with the Algarve.

Why I’m already listed?
Usually companies add themselves to the directory through the "Add your Business" function found on every page. If your business was not added by yourself or another person in your company, it may have come from the information already public available on the internet.

Why is my business not listed in the first place?
Ranking follows the following sort order:
- First, Business Listing before Free Listing
- Second, younger listing before older listing
- And last in alphabetical order

How do I add my business?
Depending on the listing type you wish to apply for, simply follow the step by step guide to get listed:

  • Step 1: Create an user account using the "Create an account" link on the Login form. After completing the form you will receive an activation mail to activate your account.
  • Step 2: Login in using your user name and password.
  • Step 3: Choose the category where you want to be listed.
  • Step 4: Click on the "Add a <TYPE> listing " link and fill out the form providing the best information possible describing your business.
  • Step 5: Free Listing: After you checked your listing for correctness, click the "Next Step" button to proceed. On the following page submit your listing and leave an optional comment and you are done.
    Business Listing or Premium Listing: After you checked your listing for correctness, click on the "Buy Now" button to finalize the payment using the PayPal payment service.
  • Step 6: Your listing will be online after the payment is cleared and the listing is approved by our staff.
  • Step 7: To trace the status of your listing, simply login and click on the "My Listing" link to see your listings and the current state.


How do I update/edit my listing details?
Login and chose your listing from the My Listings section in the user menu. To edit your listing simply click on the Edit button on top of the listing preview.

I can not login, what can I do?
Check that you have typed your username correctly.
Check that you have typed your password correctly. Uppercase (e.g. TEST) and lowercase (e.g. test) are different. Make sure the Caps Lock key isn't activated.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
On the top of the page click the Login link and a modal window pops up. Simply press the “Forgot your password?” link. Type in your mail address. The access codes then will be sent to you by mail.

I have forgotten my username, what can I do?
On the top of the page click the Login link and a modal window pops up. Simply press the “Forgot your username?” link. Type in your mail address. The access codes then will be sent to you by mail.

How do I remove my listing from Algarve-BusinessPage.info?
Login and navigate to your listing and press the "Delete" button. Once deleted your listing can't be restored!

How can I report wrong or missing data?
There is a link called 'Report' on listings. By clicking this link you can notify Algarve-BusinessPage.info of changes or updates to the listing.

I added a free listing but I can't see it online
Due to the large volumes of free listings that are added it can take up to a few weeks for your listing to be approved. If you require your listing to be listed online ASAP, then please consider upgrading your account to a Business Listing or a Premium Listing.

Is there a printed version available?
Our listings are only available for viewing on our website.

What is a backlink?
Backlinks are incoming links to a website. The more links pointing to your website the higher placing you will receive from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore increasing the levels of traffic which you will receive.

I have a Free Listing. How do I setup my backlink?
Login and click the "My Listings" link in the user menu. Click the Edit button and find the field called "Backlink URL" in the form. Type in your backlink pointing to algarve-businesspage.info. Please provide the full url, e.g. http://www.your-website.com/page-with-link-to-us.htm. Please setup your backlink to us within two weeks after your listing is approved. You listing will be deactivated without prior notice if there is no link.

What is the backlink code I should use?
Use the following code on your homepage to insert your backlink:
<a href="http://www.algarve-businesspage.info/" title="Algarve Business Directory" target="_blank">Algarve Business Directory</a>Top

What are your backlinks requirements?
Please use the code exactly as provided. If your website has a PageRank less then 3, put the code on the homepage. Otherwise feel free where you put it on. Please not on pages called links.htm, partnerlinks.htm, imprint.htm, etc. Links containing rel="nofollow" attributes are not allowed. If you remove your backlink we will delete your listing without prior notice.

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